Sleep Graduates

Alison has helped us with establishing a tailor made daily routine for our baby Bernie who used to have issues with sleep. Within this 2 weeks sleep training, baby Bernie has not just learnt how to soothe himself to sleep on his own, his sleep routine has improved greatly with established 3-4 naps during the day time and 7pm-7am night time sleep without many interruptions. The highlight during this training is that Bernie slept through the night with 12 hours solid sleep from 7pm to 7am and his day time naps starts to be longer, instead of 30-40 minutes each time. Baby Bernie is growing very healthily and his appetite is getting bigger during the day time too!

Apart from designing an exclusive daily routine for baby Bernie, Alison is super in communicating and responding, which was  encouraging to us as first time parents to be more confident in raising the baby! Highly recommend!

Julia and Baby Bernie - 3 ½ months

Our little girl had always had a hard time with naps and after a trip overseas, was really struggling to sleep much at night. Before we started sleep training we were up anywhere between every 20 minutes to 3 hours to feed, or rock or shush her back to sleep. It was rough. Once we started with Alison, she slept through on the second night, I still have tears thinking about how amazed we were as I really thought it would take so much longer. Now, over 2 months later plus two trips overseas, she is still sleeping through the night. Her naps are more consistent and she is overall a happier baby. We now know how to get her to sleep well where ever our trips take us, and are able to enjoy the family time. I am so glad we did sleep training with Alison!

Melanie and Baby Z - 8 months

Working with Alison has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. Before working with her, our 8 month old daughter would have to be fed to sleep and consistently woke up 2-3 times a night, where we would end up bringing her into our bed with us so we could get some much-needed sleep. Alison gave us all the right tools, education, confidence and support to successfully teach our daughter how to self-soothe. We saw changes / improvements from night 1 and she started sleeping through the night from night 2! We got our evenings back and her naps also got longer which meant we had a well-rested, happier baby on our hands 🙂 Best investment ever. We couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Shirley and Baby E - 8 months

Lack of sleep and the anxieties of being a new mum had pushed me to the brink. Our baby was waking every 10-30 minutes and I was a nervous and miserable wreck. From the start, Alison was compassionate, supportive and did everything she could to reassure me. I left our first conversation feeling like hope was in sight and that a solution was out there. Alison held our hands through every doubt and tough moment, and she did it with limitless kindness and humour. I never felt rushed – she was a teacher and a friend when I needed her. Now our baby sleeps throughout the night and naps properly in the day. Bedtimes are my favourite moment of our day together and don’t feel like a battlefield any longer. Whenever we go into his bedroom and start our sleep routine, a beautiful smile breaks over his face every time. I can’t explain how miraculous it feels (still!) to put him in his cot, smiling and laughing, and then find he has gone to sleep by himself in a matter of minutes. I am beginning to feel like my old self again and my husband and I feel like a proper couple too. None of this would have been possible without Alison’s support, motivation and advice. It has been the best thing we have done for our family and for our kid. 

Holly and Baby S - 5 months


I'm Alison Jones and I'm a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant in Hong Kong.
The relief, joy, and happiness that returns when a family is well rested is what motivates me to continue doing what I love and investing into family's lives.