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Light Blocker is a reusable, non-adhesive white window film that adheres with static electricity to create a dark room for enhanced sleep. The problem is that sometimes not even expensive blockout curtains provide total darkness for our sleeping environments. Early wakings and short naps could be a thing of the past for your little ones when you create as perfect and dark a room as you can with your Light Blocker.

Light Blocker FAQ

Can I apply Light Blocker on any type of window?

Yes – as long as it is flat and smooth.
Light Blocker does not adhere to sand blasted and the rough side of engraved glass.  

Why do I need to cut the sheet bigger than the glass pane?
  • Having each sheet slightly overlap where the silicone join meets the window frame ensures that no light can shine through between the window frame and the glass pane or between 2 sheets of light blocker.
  • If you are removing your light blocker every day, it means that there is a bigger margin for error if you don’t line it up 100% perfectly, especially if you’re in a hurry.
Is Light Blocker easy to apply?

Yes – absolutely.  You may need an extra pair of hands when you first install it to make sure you’re not cutting the sheet too small.  

Do I have to have a spray bottle?

No – it is not essential.  You can use a wet cloth too.  You just need a little bit of water to help create the static electricity needed for the sheet to stick to the window.

What if I make a mistake when I cut my Light Blocker?

The old adage – “measure twice, cut once” applies.  If you cut your sheet too small you may need to buy a replacement sheet.

Can I reuse my Light Blocker?

Over, and over and over again. And again.  You may just need to give the window a quick little spray or wipe down with a wet cloth before the sheet will adhere again.

What do I do if I need multiple sheets for one window?
  • Custom sizes can be ordered separately – additional fees may apply.
  • Use more than once piece on a window.  Make sure that you factor in a small overlap (at least 1cm) for each side of the sheet that needs to be joined.  It doesn’t matter if it is a little bit like Tetris.
  • Try to apply your Light Blocker in the most economical way as possible.
What if I’ve measured and cut my sheet, but it is still too big?

You can always trim a little more off a sheet if you need to.

How to apply the Light Blocker