Light Blocker – Regular (Size: 50cm x 200cm)


Room Darkener for Enhanced Sleep
Size: 50cm x 200cm
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Light Blocker is a reusable, non-adhesive white window film that sticks to your window with static electricity to create a dark room for the best quality sleep to take place.
The problem is that not even costly blackout curtains provide total darkness for our sleeping environments.  Early wakings and short naps could be a thing of the past for your family when you create as perfect and dark a room as you can with Light Blocker.
Suitable for all windows, Light blocker is easy to apply and reapply so you can get the restful sleep that you need with no disturbance from too much light when the sun rises.
This is a game changer for all of the hassle taping black bags to your windows causes.

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