I believe a new parent deserves a particularly special place in heaven. 

It is beyond overwhelming needing to suddenly make decisions involving our little ones who are so new, vulnerable and precious. 

Not only this, but this comes at a time when we are not exactly the strongest ourselves. We are also very vulnerable as we are dealing with emotions we’ve never had before and are on the steepest learning curve of our lives!

We so badly want to do our best for our baby. The problem, however, is baby is not sleeping and therefore I’m not sleeping. Not only are we exhausted, but we know that sleep is vital to baby’s development and well-being.

When it comes to sleep training our baby or toddler for the first time we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. What is right for our children? What if I inadvertently do something wrong? If I do that will I be a bad mother?

Sometimes listening to our friends and families can be helpful, but so often it has the opposite effect. Talk about information overload! He did that, she did this, you should do this, you must do this. This method is the best. No. Don’t do that, this one is much better… blah, blah, blah.

I went through all of that after I had my beautiful daughter Rori. At times I felt I was being driven mad! I felt a combination of anxiety for feeling so out of control, guilt for not loving every second with my baby, and most of all PURE EXHAUSTION! I couldn’t even think straight let alone make a decision about something as all-encompassing as sleep training.

As well as talking to friends and family, I read books and I researched a whole lot of things online. There is so much information out there! Worst of all, though, each one contradicted the other!

One of the things I was trying to avoid was going to a sleep consultant as I was trying too hard to be supermom.  I felt I was somehow failing in my role by needing to hire someone to do something that should be inherent, right? I should know how to take care of my baby, right? It made me feel I was failing as a mother.

Well, all I can say is I wish I contacted a sleep consultant sooner! 

This is a big regret of mine.

I had literally spent hours and hours, days, weeks and months agonising over all sorts of advice on which sleep training method would be right for me. On occasion I even started doing something or other I had read, but then wouldn’t continue it though. 

I was also unhappy! I was so, so unhappy.

What a waste of precious time. I could have been relaxing and enjoying my beautiful new gift.

I wish I knew sooner that a good sleep consultant has already waded through all that information in books, online and what is general opinion out there. A good sleep consultant knows that each family is different and each child is different. 

This consultant will listen to you. She will really LISTEN to YOU! She will spend time getting to know who you and your family are intimately. What are YOUR needs? What works for you? What is the natural rhythm to your day? Would this routine be beneficial to your family? Perhaps we could tweak it a little and move it around a little so it looks like this? 


Question: Which sleep training method is the right one to use?

Answer: The one that works for you! End of story!

I believe so strongly in the benefits of the individualised sleep training method that I went out and got qualified to do it myself! The experience and the results were that life-changing.

Here is a window into how I work in 5 steps:

Book a Free 15-Minute Discovery Call With Me…

… to ask questions, learn about how sleep training works, whether we’ll be a good fit and which package is best for you.

Complete a Comprehensive Online Assessment…

…so I can to draw up a personalised sleep plan.

Book your 90 Minute Zoom Consultation…

… where I educate you on what you can do to promote quality sleep and how to put the strategies for change into action.

Receive your Personalised Sleep Plan…

…in which you will find an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan providing options to guide you towards the perfect approach for a beautiful night’s rest. Once you’ve put the plan into action I will show you how to measure your success so you know are on the right track.

Unlimited 1:1 Support…

…via the Rested App for the duration of your programme (during business hours). We will cross the finishing line together!

Having also experienced first-hand the torture of a lack of sleep, I can understand what parents are going through and I can help them on their journey towards better sleep.  

Knowing I can help people by providing the practical application of a sleep program makes me feel enormously fulfilled. I am thoroughly convinced that it was the right career move. 

I love the process of solving problems and finding solutions to the sleep challenges parents face with their children. There is also the most wonderful pay-off resulting from my balanced programmes – that is you’ll all end up enjoying every second of your day with your baby!

If you are struggling and are in need of a little help, it is my desire to work alongside you to improve your child’s sleep habits which will, in turn, help improve your quality of sleep too. 

You could be closer to a full night’s rest than you even realise…trust me!