Taking Control of Your Family’s Sleep

It may be a popular notion that when you become a parent you say goodbye to sleep and that you will henceforth be exhausted until your children leave home, however I believe that with a little bit of guidance most children can learn the techniques and strategies needed to sleep through the night from an early age, giving parents the ability to be well rested themselves, able to keep up with the demands of life and parenting. 

Sleep Solutions with Alison Jones was founded with the intention of improving the quality of sleep that families get, because well rested families are happier families!  

 If you need help and don’t want to lose another night of precious sleep – call me, Alison your Hong Kong children’s sleep expert for a solution that is tailored to your specific family needs! 

Getting Started…

Do you want your sleep back?
Start today by following these 4 steps to achieve your goal of getting your baby to sleep.
Before long, you’ll be getting better quality sleep and feeling like a new person.

Book your Free Discovery Call

Do you have questions about which package works for you? Do you want to see if we’re a good fit? Are you not sure how sleep consulting works and want to learn more about it? Then this is the perfect time for you to book your free, 15-minute consultation with me.

Complete an Online Assessment

Once you have decided to work with me I will ask you to fill in a comprehensive online assessment. This will give me the information that I need to to draw up your baby or child’s personalised sleep plan which we will then go through in detail during your consultation.

Book Your 60-90 min Consultation

Your consultation will take anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes on the phone. This is the most important part of the process, as we will lay the foundation for implementing your program.  It is how I learn about your family and work out how I can best help you.

Your Personalised Sleep Plan

I’ll lay out an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that lets you make some choices about what is the right approach for your child. Once you’ve put the plan into action I will also show you how to measure your success so you know are on the right track. 


Here is a brief introduction to your options

* Twins – 2 for the price of one
** 25% discount for subsequent children

Parents Comments

Michelle & Baby Z

If any of you are looking for a specialist in helping improve your baby or children’s sleep I highly recommend Sleep Solutions with Alison Jones…. as now I am getting at least 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep a night and it has taught our little Zoey a very important life skill of self settling and she too gets to sleep the night away. 

Candice & Baby K

Alison was a godsend and we soon came to the realization that the sleep training process is not daunting at all. It gave us as parents the proper tools in teaching Kaitlyn how to self-soothe and be a happy, healthy and thriving little girl.

Melanie & Baby Z

Once we started with Alison, she slept through on the second night, I still have tears thinking about how amazed we were as I really thought it would take so much longer. Now, over 2 months later plus two trips overseas, she is still sleeping through the night.

Dave & Baby S

 The extremely quick change in our son’s sleeping patterns was remarkable where after a few nights, he was sleeping for much longer sections and quickly soothing himself back to sleep when he did wake up. Absolutely can’t recommend enough – thank you.

Shirley & Baby E

Working with Alison has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents….  Alison gave us all the right tools, education, confidence and support to successfully teach our daughter how to self-soothe. We saw changes / improvements from night 1 and she started sleeping through the night from night 2!

Holly & Baby S

Alison held our hands through every doubt and tough moment, and she did it with limitless kindness and humour. I never felt rushed – she was a teacher and a friend when I needed her. Now our baby sleeps throughout the night and naps properly in the day. Bedtimes are my favourite moment of our day together and don’t feel like a battlefield any longer.

Julia and Baby B

Within this 2 weeks sleep training, baby Bernie has not just learnt how to soothe himself to sleep on his own, his sleep routine has improved greatly with established 3-4 naps during the day time and 7pm-7am night time sleep without many interruptions.


We were a bit worried we’d left too late and to be honest a bit sceptical if we would see it through! But after a week of sleep training and Alison’s support, we saw massive improvement. Now our baby settles down for naps really easily and with barely any fuss and is sleeping through the night 


We just finished the training with Alison and thanks to her professionalism and patience, our son is now sleeping through the night and so are we!!


Tailored made solutions cater to each unique baby. Positive continuous support and encouragement for parents.

🌧 Rain Rain, Go Away - Little Children Want To Play 🌧
Man oh man - have we had a lot of rain this week ☔️
One good thing about summer rain in Hong Kong is that it is still warm - talk about finding silver lining 🤩
Continuous rain can sometimes present a bit of challenge with stir crazy young children who want to get outside and run around, climb things and burn their energy…
If you are struggling with cabin fever - no matter how old your children, then here are a few ideas to help you stay sane (and burn some excess energy)
➡️ Firstly - let them play in the 💧rain!  Rain coats, umbrellas 🌂and jumping in muddy puddles have fun and laughter 😆 written all over them.
➡️ If there is thunder 🌩and lightning⚡️and it isn’t safe to be outside - let your sofa 🛋 become the jungle gym or obstacle courses and “the floor is lava” 🌋 is a fun way to get the heart rates up.
➡️ Hide and Seek - active games, with a bit of mystery and a lot of laughs when your little people don’t quite get the concept of not telling you where they are hiding…
➡️ Turn your bath 🛁 into a swimming pool - not as warm as a bath, not as cold as a pool - somewhere in-between, and it can be seen as a way to use up a unit of time - and keeping kids out of mischief, away from the TV and hopefully moving enough to keep burning energy.
Sadly - if your kids aren’t getting enough physical stimulation during the day and aren’t actually tired at bedtime - it may be that you have a bit more of a struggle getting ready for bed and it may be harder for them to fall asleep if they aren’t tired enough.  Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow (or by the looks of the weather forecast - in a few ‘tomorrow’s’)!
If the wet weather has nothing to do with your child’s sleep struggles - then I’m only a phone call away and ready to help you take control and get your little one sleeping like a CHAMP. 
Book a FREE 📞 call with me today - link in BIO
Happy Easter Everyone 🐣
I hope you had a lovely weekend with family and friends. 
Good old Easter bunny and all the chocolate chaos that comes along with it… 
I’m not sure what is worse - the sugar highs and lows of Easter or Halloween 😬 
Due to dad having to work on Sunday, our bunny visited us a day early and left a trail of footprints throughout our house (thanks to the lifetime supply of baby powder we’re still working our way through). 
The squeals of delight and excitement as the penny dropped as to what was going on was magical to witness when she came out of her room. 
The innocence and joy in the mystery of it made my heart warm as I realised what a privilege it is to have such treasured moments with this gorgeous little person and to see the world through her eyes.
Did you do anything exciting for your kids this year?
Alison has been really incredible with helping me fix the issues with my 18 month year old who was waking up twice a night. Now she sleeps through the night, most of days 11 full hours, all thanks to Alison and her great sleep strategy. Alison is gentle in her methods, and is very thorough when it comes to making an accurate sleep plan for your baby. She is a real pleasure to work with, and I cannot recommend her highly enough !😊
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗘𝗥 has arrived in Hong Kong!!
My last post was about making sure your little people were warm enough at night because Hong Kong was freezing and now its just the opposite….
With temperatures and humidity levels climbing it may be time to get those air-cons and dehumidifiers back on and running.
My best advise is for babies in cribs to be in 1 TOG sleeping bags with room temperatures set at 22°C.
For older children - time for summer jammies and tucked in blankets!
The Xaiomi Miija Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Thermometer is such a good tool for peace of mind - knowing that temperature isn’t a factor I have to worry about causing a disruption to sleep.
If you’re having a tough time with your little one’s sleep - why not book a FREE call in my diary (link in bio) and find out how I can help you!
It is 🥶FREEZING in Hong Kong at the moment - not to mention 🌧 WET… 
Since temperatures have dropped so much you may want to consider dressing your little one’s in an extra layer of clothing at night, rather than using heaters that dry out the air.
It is really common for babies and young children to wake up because they are cold, so making sure they’re warm enough can help prevent an unnecessary wake up.
For babies you can add a long sleeved vest under jammies or even use fleece onesies if you have them.
For older children, you can also add an extra layer for warmth and make sure those duvets are tucked in well at the bottom and sides of the bed so you don’t have to get out of your warm cosy bed during the night to come to the rescue. 
Also remember that when we are cold we burn more energy trying to stay warm - so keep an eye on the calorie intake and increase if needed.
It is somewhat tricky to burn off excess energy when it is too miserable to go outside - so get creative and turn your house (if you dare) into a giant obstacle course to keep your kids moving and not glued to the TV.
If early wakings or sleep troubles are getting you down - get in touch today and learn how I can help you!
Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy and prosperous 🧧 year of the Tiger 🐅
May your sleep 💤 be restful and your dreams 💭 be sweet. 
❤️ Alison, Wesley & Aurora
If you are ready to make sleep a priority in 2022 I’m here to help.  Book a FREE call to find out more...
All it takes is one family member’s sleep struggles to disrupt the entire family’s sense of wellbeing.
Getting help is the best thing you can do when everyone is exhausted and getting increasingly stressed out and anxious about the sleep you’re not getting.
“Sleep training” looks very different for an 8 year old and an 8 month old, however - it’s essentially about empowering children and parents with the skills and tools they need to turn things around.
Learning to identify what is sabotaging opportunities for good sleep as well as what promotes good sleep is the first step when it comes to taking control of your family’s sleep.
I recently worked with an 8 year old boy who was really struggling here is what his mom Emma had to say…
“I contacted Alison based on a colleague’s referral, as my 8-year old son had more and more difficulty to get asleep. It was affecting his mood, school performance and even sports activities: lack of energy, easily irritable… Alison made a personalised programme for him, which impact we could immediately notice. It made us change some habits but it was definitely worth it. What I really appreciated was Alison’s availability all across the programme duration but also beyond: even during summer when back in France, she was checking that things were all right with him and giving us some extra tips to keep the good habits in the long run…. I felt we were not only ‘customers’ to her but that she did really care about our son’s health and well-being. Overall I would say this program was definitely worth it - it equipped us with better habits for the long term!”
Whether you have an 8 week old, an 8 month old, an 18month old or an 8 year old - I can help you solve your sleep struggles and get you on track to sleeping well again.
Link in BIO to book a FREE 15 Minute Assessment Call…
Is everyone in your family getting enough sleep?
Changing seasons often mean a few rounds of sore throats, runny noses and coughs.
Sleep is often the best medicine so make sure you’re getting enough sleep by going to bed early, babies naps are not skipped unnecessarily and if they need some extra sleep to help get over the germs, that is ok….also remember that early bedtimes aren’t punishment.
Vitamin C rich foods like 🍊oranges, 🫐 blueberries, 🍓strawberries and 🥦 broccoli are a must to incorporate while you or your little one’s are sick. 
Bouts of sickness can often throw a spanner in the works with babies and children’s sleep - and if that has happened to you, and you’re feeling stuck I can help get you back on track. 
Link in BIO to book your free call 👆
Stay healthy and rested, Mammas!
As we enter the season of thanksgiving what are you most thankful for in your parenting journey?
This may sound crazy….but I am grateful that my little Aurora wasn’t a good sleeper to start with, even though her name suggested otherwise! 
If it wasn’t for the challenges I faced, I wouldn’t be able to help families with their little one’s sleep. 
I certainly wasn’t grateful for those sleep troubles at the time - but looking back the perspective it has given changes things dramatically. 
I am thankful that I get to come alongside families and help them with their little one’s sleep so that they aren’t stressed out about it and tired all the time. 
If you need some encouragement and gentle guidance to get on track with your little one’s sleep habits, please give me a call - I’d love to help you!
Light Blocker is a reusable, non-adhesive white window film that adheres with static electricity to create a dark room for enhanced sleep. 
Early wakings and short naps could be a thing of the past for your little ones when you create as perfect and dark a room as you can with your Light Blocker.
Link in bio to get your little ones room dark today! 
"“The night is darkest before the dawn”.
If you feel like you just can't go on being exhausted and stressed out about sleep anymore - you may be on the brink of a BREAKTHROUGH.
It’s time you have your dawn arrive and let the darkness of sleep deprivation be a thing of the past!
If you’re at your wits end, why not book in a free sleep evaluation call and explore how I can best support you and your family?
PS – sleep is on the way…"
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