Taking Control Of Your Family’s SLEEP

Only those who suffer from frequent disturbed sleep patterns can fully appreciate how debilitating a lack of sleep is.

I know full well the devastation sleep problems can wreak on your family and your life. It doesn’t matter whether the battle with sleep is yours,  your baby’s or your child’s. The impact is the same.

I can help you.

I am passionate about guiding and teaching your entire family techniques and strategies to help you all sleep through the night.

Sleep Solutions with Alison Jones was created and inspired by my own struggle with insomnia which was then perpetuated by the arrival of my baby girl who wasn’t sleeping.

Trust me to help you and your family find that regular precious night sleep and live your life the way you want to live it.

Love Alison xxx

Alison your Hong Kong sleep expert for a solution that is tailored to your needs.


How It Works

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I will guide you throughout your prgram.


* Twins – 2 for the price of one
** 25% discount for subsequent children

I’m Alison Jones and I’m a certified Sleep Sense Consultant in Hong Kong. I am passionate about guiding and teaching your entire family techniques and strategies to help you all get the rest you need to function at your best.



Angel WongAngel Wong
07:00 05 Sep 22
Alison saved me from our daily trauma with our 3.5 year old! Bath and bedtime routine used to be my favourite time of the day before we went travelling for 3 months when everything started going downhill. Because of constantly changing sleeping arrangements due to our travels and my 3.5 yo dropping his nap during this time, he all of a sudden became very reliant on us to help him fall asleep at night. It would involve a lot of crying and at least 1-1.5 hour of soothing. What’s worse was that he would wake at least once in the middle of the night, he would cry and scream for a couple of hours until he’s exhausted to fall asleep again. This lasted for a couple of months and it was just a very traumatic experience for all of us.Before I got in touch with Alison, my husband and I were skeptical on how one would be able to turn this around for a 3.5 year old because I knew changing the behaviour of a 3.5 year is completely different to sleeping training a baby! I had the perception that most sleep consultants out there could only train babies or at most toddlers. I was completely wrong!In the first week, Alison focused on the everyday behaviour. She looked at everything holistically from food intake to the setting of our air con! Even before she physically came round to our house in the second week, I already saw a huge difference. My son started falling sleep by himself and started sleeping through the night! It’s been almost 2 months now. Fingers crossed it’s still going fine! What’s amazing about Alison is all her support afterwards. She would check in from time to time to make sure all is still going fine. She would happily advise on other everyday things other than just sleep. I would 100% recommend her!
G.P. FuG.P. Fu
02:53 09 Aug 22
Alison was a life saver with our baby boy who had trouble connecting his sleep. We started working together when our kid was on the cusp of six months. She gave us very clear instructions and the right amount of hand holding in helping our baby adjust to his schedule and soothing himself to sleep. Alison was always available, and a tremendous source of knowledge. She also gave us a guide on how to tackle our summer holiday trip such as adjust baby's time difference. We enjoyed working with her and would recommend to others!
Chiara BallariniChiara Ballarini
10:25 18 Jun 22
Alison has been amazing! Our son was waking up every two hours despite being 8months old. Alison provided us all the support needed to sleep train him. In particular: knowledge&experience, professionalism, moral support, etc. Archie is now sleeping throughout the night 🙂 if you need a kind, joyful, professional and trustworthy sleep consultant, Alison is your person!
Alice ChauAlice Chau
06:43 24 May 22
My son started Alison’s program at 8m, he was sleeping independently since birth till 6m, and everything got messy after our helper left. We co-slept with our son for 2 months, it was sweet in the beginning and slowly it was affecting everyone’s sleep. And we were desperate to get our bed back.Alison is amazing! Her brief was very detailed, she was very willing to answer all of my questions throughout the 2 weeks training. Since day 1 of the training, my son already can sleep through the night in his crib in his own room without any visits!Naps for my son was tough, he only been able to sleep 30mins per nap, and hearing your baby cry for so many days was not fun at all. Alison was the one who kept reminding and keeping me back on track again. Alison’s program sets a great start of our sleep training journey, would definitely recommend to anyone whose baby has sleeping problem!
Janet ChanJanet Chan
10:03 08 Apr 22
We’ve always had a hard time getting our little girl to sleep but things only got worse when 4 months regression hit and Kaia was basically waking up every hour. Though we weren’t sure whether sleep training was going to work or not, but it was our last resort so we reached out to Alison for help.On night one, Kaia already managed to reduce her night waking to one time only, and by night five, she was sleeping through. Not only that, because Kaia was sleeping better, she was much happier during the day as well and this was most important to us.Sure, not every nap or night was / will continue to be super smooth, but Alison equipped us with the tools to get us through. During the training, she was always there to support and encourage us which was also so important especially during the setbacks. For anyone whose baby is having sleep problems, I strongly encourage you to take this step and reach out to Alison. It’s the best investment we’ve made.